Monday, July 19, 2010

Data Governance – Three key Aspects for Success

I’m of the opinion that there are three key aspects to a good data governance program. While there certainly are others that could be added, the three listed here represent the core aspects and should be considered for any Data Governance program or Data Governance Office.
  1. Data Management
    • Master Data
    • Transactional Data
    • Conditional Master Data
    • Master Reference Data
    • Unstructured Data
  2. Data Quality Management
    • Data Architecture
    • Data Integration
  3. Policy – Governance proper
Another key to a successful data governance program is to be plugged into the corporate strategy. This ensures that governance is tied to execution from strategic planning through execution.

The following services integration diagram illustrates this point:

This illustration shows the relationship between the key aspects of data governance – data management, data architecture & policy. Surrounding those key aspects are the services they provide. Additional services such as PMO and EAI are shown in yellow to show how other services can integrate into the services offered by the DGO.

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